The perfect daily routine

The perfect daily routine incorporates different activities. This type of routine is supposed to make you feel productive, awake, reactive and proud of yourself. The key of this “perfect” routine is variety and it’s best performed in the weekend and in your days off. Continue reading


Your secret daily ritual

Often times we get carried away by our routine and our day-to-day life. As soon as we start feeling that we’re missing something, it’s important that we establish some areas of our days to be dedicated exclusively to ourselves. These areas must be “sacred”, untouchable, and most of all “disguised” as ordinary tasks and activities, so we can keep them hidden from the outside. Read more…

The You of today Vs the You of 1 year ago

Since a lot of self improvement techniques are based on planning and goal setting, they tend to focus most of the times exclusively on the future. The process of reviewing our changes and our achievements is something that is often overlooked. Still, many changes in ourselves and our lives happen in fact silently, organically and spontaneously. Today on Suggestion Strategies, I present a couple of exercises to effectively compare the present version of ourselves to our “older self”. Read more…