Some suggestions for a great weekend

The weekend is here! Let’s celebrate it by using our free time at its best. Here are some quick hints on how to get the best out of our weekend, in order to use all our free time in a creative and productive way. Get inspired by this list, and don’t forget to create your schedule for the weekend focusing on relax, creativity and recreation. Enjoy your weekend!

  1. Wake up slightly later compared to your weekdays, so you get some extra rest
  2. Take time for a long and healthy breakfast
  3. Go for a walk in the neighbourhood and enjoy the light of the day for at least 30/40 minutes
  4. Make a quick list of all the urgent tasks you have to deal with, and decide when you’re going to take care of them
  5. Take time to talk to your friends and answer some personal messages you left behind during the week
  6. Make a list of 3 things you want to “work on” during the weekend and reserve 1-2 hours for each task during the weekend
  7. Engage in at least 1 social activity per free day (i.e., sports, going out with friends)
  8. Take 30 mins to evaluate the past week: what worked, what didn’t, what you could have done differently
  9. Take 1-2 hours to deliberately take care of yourself: relax at home, go shopping or spend time exclusively on yourself
  10. Write a short letter to yourself about how you feel at the moment and what you want to accomplish in the near future
  11. Reconnect with some relatives or think back to some happy times in the past you didn’t think about for a long time
  12. Read a book for 1-2 hours every day. Better if a real book so you stay away from your computer for a while
  13. Eat healthy and don’t abuse alcohol/drugs “because it’s weekend”. Otherwise you’ll spend most of your time simply recovering
  14. Towards the end of the weekend, make a short activity plan for next week, so you won’t feel overwhelmed tomorrow
  15. This spot is yours. What do you have to do to make your weekend a great one? Define the core action and act upon it! Good luck!

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