5 things to keep in mind about change

To a degree, change is something that is always present in our lives. And yet, change is an element that often brings uncertainty. It can even be scary at times! As for any other natural process, there’s nothing to be afraid of. In this post we’ll examine 5 key aspects to bear in mind when we deal with changes and transitions in our lives.

1 You can’t stop it. That’s right. Change is happening everywhere in every moment and we can only do two things: fighting it or embracing it. But if we fight it, we’ll end up losing focus on our present. Moreover, changes will happen regardless of all our efforts. Embracing the concept that everything in life is in a continuous state of transition will make us more open and receptive to new opportunities. And we won’t find ourselves tilting at windmills.

2 It will always take you somewhere. Change should be perceived not only as an opportunity, but also as a complementary experience. Change brings along a great potential to enrich our lives through new experiences and new situations. It can be sudden and unforeseen at times, but our fear should never stop us. We should follow our instinct, even in difficult times, and be sure that we’re moving towards a better situation. We’ll have to work for it though: change only provides flow and direction. It’s always up to us to pick the final destination.

3 It’s part of life. Life is a journey, and we as human beings can always move forward. Change, with its unexpected “waves and winds”, is just another element of our journey. Relax: you’ve been travelling for many years already and you’re expected to go on with your journey. Consider change as a “means of transportation” for your life. If you make yourself receptive enough, you’ll be able to use change to speed up your self-improvement and the quality of your existence.

4 It will help you discover yourself. Dealing with new situations will provide you with a great source of inspiration. You’ll have to use your “hidden” resources to successfully face new challenges. By doing this, you’ll become a better person. Any process of growth has to go through multiple stages and transitions in order to enrich and complete the individual. So, don’t be afraid: change will make you better, it always worked this way for the humankind.

5 You’re not alone in it. Everyone else around you is on a journey just like yours. You met some of these people in different moments of your life. Following the changes that always rule our lives, your paths crossed and you became acquainted with these people. If you think about it from this perspective, you’re entirely surrounded of people you met through change. Consequently, the more you embrace change as a natural condition, the more you’ll be able to appreciate the unexpected surprises that come from it. By staying positive and active, you’ll make room for new people and new encounters that will shape and enrich your future life. Good luck!


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