How to be a good friend

Friends are a great asset. We all need friends to support us and to share our experiences and our views on the world. Conversely, we often complain about being alone and not having anyone on our side to support and take care of us. The first step to do is of course becoming a good friend. Let’s see what are the most important things to learn to become “good friends”.

Step 1: Train your empathy. Learn to treat others with the highest respect, and force yourself to remember that they are exactly like you. We all make mistakes occasionally, and we all long for forgiveness afterwards. A friend is someone who’s on your side even when you’re not at your best. Make sure you’re willing to do the same for all your good friends.

Step 2: Open your ears. A friend is not only a “sparring partner” for our problems and our doubts. Good friendship should always be a mutual emotional exchange. So make sure you offer enough “room” to your friends to talk to you, express their feelings and talk about their problems. Be supportive and become a good listener. Once you learn this “skill”, people will value a lot more your friendship and will be a lot more willing to spend time with you.

Step 3: Be present. Always put your friends on top of your priorities. Invest time in the relationship with your friends and be available when they’re in need of help. If you prove that you can support them even when they’re in trouble, your friendship will grow stronger and you’ll find yourself surrounded by protective and loyal friends.

Step 4: Be open to forgiveness. Real friendships can last for life. It’s natural to experience some ups and downs in the relationship from time to time. Be willing to forgive all the unimportant controversies in order to preserve that special feeling that unites you to your dearest friends.

Step 5: Be proactive. Friendships require energy, just as any other relationship. Don’t be passive! Make efforts and invest time to create something new for yourself and your friends. Variety is the key! Explore, experience new things, grow and change. Share all your passions with them and, more importantly, be willing to include your friends in all your achievements. Good luck!


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