The perfect daily routine

The perfect daily routine incorporates different activities. This type of routine is supposed to make you feel productive, awake, reactive and proud of yourself. The key of this “perfect” routine is variety and it’s best performed in the weekend and in your days off.

Step 1: Wake up early. How early? It’s up to you. Just avoid to wake up with the feeling that you overslept. Try to wake up early enough to have a lot of productive time ahead of you.

Step 2: Wake up completely. Do a quick 20-minute light physical workout or go for a quick walk. Breath in fresh air, acknowledge and embrace the new day, then have breakfast.

Step 3: Set up 3 projects you want to work on today, define the priorities, and plan to spend between 30 minutes and 1 hour for each project. Not more. Free days are made for recreation, not for stressing out. Then, set up 2 free recreational activities you want to spend your time on today. Plan to spend between 1,5 and 2 hours for each leisure activity. Try to choose complementary activities. For some ideas have a look at this post.

Step 4: Live your day! Go through your plan from project to project, then relax in the way you prefer.

Step 5: In the evening, have a look at what you accomplished today. You’ll be able to say: “I worked with discipline on this & that, but also enjoyed myself by doing that…” You spent your free time creatively and productively. Congratulations! Remember, free time is a resource, treat it with respect and dedication. Good luck!


One thought on “The perfect daily routine

  1. Hey. Really like the post. Specially the line “Remember, free time is a resource, treat it with respect and dedication”. I always wonder why people don’t realize that leisure is productive. They almost think of leisure as something criminal. If you learn how to use your leisure time to engage in things that you really love, it’s as productive as any other so called productive activity.


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