Your secret daily ritual

Often times we get carried away by our routine and our day-to-day life. As soon as we start feeling that we’re missing something, it’s important that we establish some areas of our days to be dedicated exclusively to ourselves. These areas must be “sacred”, untouchable, and most of all “disguised” as ordinary tasks and activities, so we can keep them hidden from the outside.

What is a routine? In a few words, we could describe it as a repetition of habits. What’s its function? In many ways, a routine can help us dealing with our ordinary duties without having to worry about them. In fact, once we’ve learnt how something works, we don’t even have to consciously concentrate on it anymore. Think of driving, washing your face, or walking home from the supermarket.

But routines typically have an obvious downside attached, which is the absolute lack of novelty and variety. With time, if we don’t act on it, we might find ourselves becoming slaves of our routines, and we will start feeling more and more that something in our life is wrong. What to do next?

The strategy I’d like to point out in this article is as simple as irrational: pick a moment of your day, possibly a very ordinary one, and make it your “sacred” moment. In your sacred moment (i.e., when you’re walking to the office, or having lunch break, or washing the dishes) you’ll commit to your secret ritual: think about your big dreams and plan the next moves for something ambitious you have in mind. Do it consciously and deliberately. It’s your secret ritual: treat it with respect and honour it by using the time as profitably as you can.

Your sacred moment grants you 10-15 minutes a day where you exclusively concentrate on your dreams and goals. You don’t even have to detach from your current routine. For the outside, you’re just walking home from work. Instead, you’re actively planning and creating a better future for yourself. I encourage you to use your secret ritual to find new ways to follow your passions, dream about new possibilities, find creative ways to make your life better and closer to what you really want to be.

Initially, it’s important to force yourself to establish the new habit, so in the first days do your best to strictly stick to your commitment of having a 15-minute sacred moment. The commitment will only be an effort for the first days, since afterwards you’ll be able to integrate it organically in your routine. This strategy is particularly good for people who are normally very busy, and tend to use their lack of time as an excuse not to work on themselves.

The secret ritual exercise is a very effective strategy, but just as many techniques it will only help you make the first step. To embark in a long lasting change, we’ll have to rely on our dedication, courage and willingness to create the life we want. Good luck!


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