How to find out how you really feel right now

In this short article I’ll present a simple yet very powerful technique to immediately get closer to how we really feel. Too often we are hiding our feelings to the world, and most importantly, to ourselves. If you do this exercise correctly, you’ll find out that “How are you” can be a pretty tricky question to answer!

Here’s how the exercise work: get pen and paper and sit in a quiet location where you can concentrate and write without being distracted. Don’t worry, it won’t be a long procedure: the exercise itself lasts exactly 60 seconds! Hence, you’ll need to get a stopwatch or your phone to keep track of time.

Once you’re ready to go, here’s what you have to do: breath deeply a couple of times, get mentally ready, then ask yourself “How are you” and, as an answer, write down everything that comes to mind. Literally everything! Give yourself exactly 1 minute time and write as fast as possible, without ever lifting the pen from the paper. Remember, this is not at all meant to be a “rational” process, so don’t focus on writing down complete sentences. Instead, go for adjectives, nouns, words that describe feelings, words that have a special meaning for you. Write them on the paper trying to be as fast as possible and trying to fill up the page as much as you can, like you were making a collage of words.

Give yourself 60 seconds. 60 seconds of unfiltered honesty and exploration of your inner life. At the end of the exercise, you’ll have a paper full of words, adjectives, feelings, and more. At this point, relax and read what you wrote slowly and carefully.

Now, this is exactly how you feel right now. How much of it were you aware of, and how much of it was “hidden” from your conscious sight? Whether we’re going through tough times or we simply feel something’s slighlty “wrong”, starting from ourselves always grants some great insights on our condition. Just try it!


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