Why having a dream always makes the difference

Ever had one of those days where everything you do seems to be wrong and in the end you look back and you say: “What a terrible day!” Well, believe it or not, that day could have been even worse if you didn’t have a dream. Here’s why.

It’s easy to dream and follow our passions when we feel inspired and relaxed. Unfortunately, life presents many ups and downs and it’s not always possible to be in the best psychophysical condition to face all our daily challenges. When things get tricky, that’s when having a dream can really change our perspective. A dream, a big goal, can first of all be comforting. “Look how bad I am now”, we can say to ourselves, “yet, I’m chasing my dream, and one day I will…”

Comfort is something we all need, especially in situations of high frustration and stress. The people around us are the primary source of support, but inside ourselves we must find the strength to hold our dream, and to rely on it even in bad times.

Secondly, we must actively work to change our situation. This typically requires energies, focus, and persistence. In other words, we’ll need an extra effort in order to get out of a situation we don’t like. And what is going to provide us with extra resources to put in the hard work? Our will, if you like, our courage, but most of all our dream and our vision. We have to learn to work hard and effectively go in the direction we want. Nobody likes to waste her energies on something useless. We need a dream to follow, possibly a very ambitious one.

Another aspect of this is the emotional value of achievements. Let’s think about today, this bad day we’ve just had. It looks pretty negative as of now, and it feels like we’ve been wasting time, but everything has to be put in the right perspective. Think in some months’ time, or in one year’s time, when we’ll start getting the first big results. We’ll barely remember of days like today, since we’ll be fully absorbed by our present and we’ll be entirely focused on our goals. Plus, we tend to remember better the moments that are linked to emotional peaks. So if today hadn’t any emotional peak, no worries. Soon it will be gone forever, even from your memory.

Our dream has to be the great propeller to push us out of our boundaries and change our lives. Of course we’ll be always fully responsible for our actions and their outcomes, but knowing that we’re doing what we’re doing for a bigger purpose is a relief and must make us proud. Good luck!


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