Fundamentals of change

Where to start to make a big change in some (or every) area of our life? Our perception seems to be a good starting point. As the popular speaker Jim Rohn used to say, “change yourself and you’ll change everything”. Here’s a list of some basic points that can be useful when approaching major life changes.

Trust. You probably already heard it many times: when you move away from a familiar situation, you’re leaving your comfort zone. Assuming you’re already aware of this concept, let’s take a step forward. Take into consideration that you’re also leaving an area that is relatively known and stable for you. Probably your life is not entirely satisfactory, but still with time you learnt how to deal with it pretty well. You probably developed many routines as well. So, it’s worth reminding that during change you’re also giving away a lot of stability. And you’re not gonna move directly into another “stable” and completely settled area. Expect long or longer periods of adjustment where things will be “shaky” and rapidly changing. In order to deal with this effectively, you’ll need to trust yourself and your vision. Your willingness to move forward and your inner call to change will be decisive for the final outcome.

Permanent condition of success. We all “suffer” from a vision of success that’s only depending on the outcomes of our outer world. But ironically enough, what we’re chasing when we’re chasing success is actually an inner condition. We want to be able to tell ourselves, “I’m a winner, I’m well known, I’m successful, I made it”. And we want to believe it fully and rationally. Of course, recognition from society is always good and fulfilling, but delegating 100% of our “feeling of success” to the world outside is a misconception. That’s why many “Law of Attraction” theories insist on behaving “as if” you already had everything you wanted. Along the same lines you can put the more practical saying “fake it, until you make it”. In order to move towards success, it’s probably a good idea to start feeling successful right away. Of course there’s always room for improvement,  plus we’re all on a journey on  this planet. But the “being a star before being a star” mindset is the right one to bring along.

Constant achievement. In order to change at a deeper level, we need to familiarize with the concept of constantly achieving our goals. This is never easy, and especially in the initial stages can be really tricky. Life is made of natural ups and downs anyway, and we also have to take that into consideration. But we need to cultivate discipline and ethic. When people say “one little step at a time”, what they really mean is “one little achievement at a time”. Set little goals but act decisively on them, and finalize your actions as much as possible. Start something, and finish it. When you have an idea, write it down, then plan the next steps. Try to embrace an effective work mentality from the very beginning. This “little steps” approach will progressively trasfer into other aspects of your life.

These are some elements that will help you gradually shift your perception of yourself, of the world, and hopefully they will help you change in the direction you choose. Bear in mind though that we are all different. Hence, your starting point and your goals are absolutely unique. Make the best out of them trusting yourself, improving yourself, and committing to your plans. Good luck!


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