Why self improvement techniques don’t work

The web is full of content about goal setting, planning and self improvement. It’s up to everyone’s personal approach to look, explore and discover what is really effective for a long-lasting life change. The more advice we listen to, the better. But it’s worth to remember, we’re all in search of our personal success style! In the end, we’re all different, and that’s what our search must be about.

Planning, goal setting, strategies. Nowadays we have access to a lot of material on the topic, but many people still have a hard time to effectively integrate the techniques in their lives. Even more paradoxal is, these people rationally know that they would get immediate benefits from applying many of these strategies in their daily life. But they still don’t do it.

Is it a motivation issue? Is it a concentration problem, or a lack of discipline? Is it about fear? Um, partially. But more simply, this resistance looks like an automatic reaction.

You see, every action that we repeatedly do becomes a habit. We learn how this habit works, we refine the sequence of actions that constitute the habit, and by doing that we feel safe and comfortable. At this point, we start acting on auto pilot and repeat the habit over and over again.

Integrating a new habit, such as committing to a self improvement strategy, requires a conscious decision:

1) Identify what you’re doing wrong. This is an easy one. And we’re all plenty of examples.

2) Visualize a new habit or technique that would help you getting the result you want.

3) Now, FORCE YOURSELF and start applying the new habit. Why forcing? Because to break an old habit, you’ll always find resistances coming from yourself. You better start listening to yourself! This will speed up the process.

And we’re back to the personal style of self improvement. In order to  consistently integrate new habits and strategies, you’ll have to be determined to feel this resistance and to overcome it.  How to start finding an effective way for you? Experimenting is the best way. Try out all the techniques and strategies that seem to instinctively be appealing for you. Keep an open mind!

If a technique is working for you, you’ll start seeing improvements right away. Otherwise, move on to the next one. After getting the first results, you’ll get a lot more confidence in yourself and the techniques. At that point, you can also start modifying the techniques you know to create  your personal strategies for success! And that’s where the real journey starts. Good luck!


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