Life change: Feel your fear, love your fear

Fear is a big obstacle when it comes to make changes in life. And what’s even scarier is, fear is often perceived unconsciously. So while we rationally go towards our goals, we’re unconsciously being held back by our fears. Here’s a technique to start familiarising with this aspect.

For its nature, fear appeals to a very hidden side of our personality. Fears are always irrational, difficult to admit, intense and sudden. In one of its worse variations, fear can also be disguised as reason. “Don’t do this, don’t go there,  it’s not reasonable. And it can be dangerous!”. Does it sound familiar? That is most of the times fear talking.

The first step to deal with our fear is aknowledging that we are scared. Do this in a bold, rational and explicit way. Look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of your courage! You are scared and you have the courage to admit it. Congrats!

Then, you need to focus on your current habits. Your daily routine, your job, your time management. Everything looks safe and regular, doesn’t it? Well, if you want to make a big change in your life, you’ll have to change most of it, or at least a good part. And guess how you’ll feel while doing this: yes exactly. Scared.

So, again about fear, this personal, dark, mysterious feeling. In a practical way, when you make the conscious decision of growing and changing your life in the direction you want, you must learn to treat fear simply as a signal. A signal that you’re moving out of your usual boundaries.

Are you scared to make the next step? Good! Aknowledge the feeling, and decide to go on anyway. And then keep going towards your goals, one little step at a time. Don’t be afraid of being afraid!


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