7 ways to stay motivated

Keeping motivation even when things get tough isn’t easy. And sometimes the way to do it is also counterintuitive. Many people experience this difficulty, but luckily there are many strategies to recover and get back on track. The following is a simple list of 7 ways to stay motivated. Good thing is, you won’t have to apply them all! Just figure out the 2-3 strategies that work for you, and start implementing them in your life right away. You’ll experience quick improvements and an augmented focus on your projects. Good luck!

  1. Commit more. Make your work more visible, force yourself to publish something even though you feel it isn’t ready, tell someone you’ll deliver X by that date. In other words, put more pressure on yourself starting now. That forces you to make more choices. Of course, you can still fail. But nobody likes to fail, right? That’s why you’ll start focussing more on your goals and your actions.

  2. Embrace the “who cares” mentality. There’s a chance things are going bad for you these days. Well, don’t be affected by that. Embrace the “who cares” mentality and simply stick to your plan. If you are able to go on no matter what’s the situation around, you’ll have overcome most of your inner obstacles.

  3. Set and achieve an “easy” goal. In order to build up our confidence (this concept is  vital i.e. for sports performance), we’ll need to see progress right away. That’s why it’s important to set an intermediate goal and achieve it as soon as possible. Once regained the focus, we can start moving towards our “big” goals again.

  4. Highlight what’s already working. No matter where you are at the moment, there are aspects of your life that are already working. Highlight them by making a list! You’re not starting from zero, it’s never the case! Instead, embrace the mentality of  putting your current resources into use to make a further step forward.

  5. Take a break from planning. Maybe it’s not the time for big plans. Sometimes it’s really helpful to focus on the present and then improve the situation one little step at a time. Think like a chess player: answer to your opponent’s “threats” move by move. As long as you don’t lose your focus, you won’t lose the game.

  6. Follow your intuition and do something now. You have a plan that’s not making progress and you feel stuck? Then you have to do something now. By now, I mean RIGHT now. Once you finish reading this article, go back to your project and make one clear action directly related to it. Plan something, write something. In other words, act now. When you follow your intuition, you can’t be stuck.

  7. Believe. This is probably the most important aspect of all. If you want to be successful, if you want to make changes in your life, you’ll have to learn to believe. Believe in your dream even when you have no evidence of it. Every single day: think of it, believe in it, imagine it. Next step is action: but first, you have to learn to believe in the invisible.


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