Don’t give up. That’s it!

No matter how bad you are at doing what you’re doing at the moment, you should start considering the situation from a new perspective. Things will drastically change as soon as you make the decision that you’ll never ever give up. And with this mindset, a lot of new possibilities arise…

Imagine you wanted to learn to play violin. That’s a tough instrument to learn, isn’t it? Students in the first years of practice can barely get a straight sound, and masters spend countless hours every day to refine their skills. So why even bother? It’s too tough. See? This is the mindset that makes 99% of the human population quitting violin before even starting (or shortly after). They simply give up.

But what if, for some reason, you start feeling a burning desire to learn violin? Maybe it feels irrational, maybe you feel “too old” to “go anywhere” with that skill, but still you can’t get that out of your head. It’s a great sign! At the moment though you still have a lot of doubts about it. Your rationality is ready to stop you before starting…You might decide to give up too!

But what if you discover you love violin so much that no matter who criticise you, no matter how old you are, no matter how bad are the odds against you, no matter how you’ll make it to put in all the practice, no matter all this…You’ll never, ever ever give up.

You’ll never give up. Make that choice today! Focus on your dream and say it out loud now: “I’ll never give up! No matter what”. You might want to repeat this simple exercise every other day until it feels natural for you. It has two very powerful effects, and you’ll start to benefit from them right away:

1) Failures won’t be part of your life anymore. You’re not going to experience failure as you were before, since you’re determined of not giving up. You simply cannot fail. You’re just going on step by step and you’re ready to learn from your mistakes. But differently from many others, you made the rational decision of not giving up. Hence, you won’t stop until success.

2) You know the outcome of your efforts. Yes, success. You know where you’re heading at. You might still don’t know theĀ  exact circumstances or how the situation will look like when you “succeed”, but you already know the main destination. It will make a huge difference to keep your motivation strong when things will get tough and you will experience some crisis.

But you’re going to make it, I’m sure of that. What makes me so sure? I know how things start to flow when you decide to never, ever ever give up. Give it a try!


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