7 ways to cope with a bad day

Bad days usually come unexpectedly. Maybe we’re experiencing a series of improvements in different areas of our lives, and all of a sudden we’re back where we started. No matter what we’re doing, we feel anxious, moody, and all the “positivity” we’ve been working on for weeks seems to be gone forever. Here are 7 simple actions we can do to cope with bad days and negativity they seem to bring.

1) Listen to yourself. Contrary to what many people think, a “bad day” is not brought by external events. People and situations involved have usually very little responsibility for our “bad day”. Instead, all the anxiety and the negativity are a result of our internal processes. Maybe we need to slow things down. Maybe we wanted to accomplish too many things lately, and as a consequence we lost focus on ourselves and our priorities. Whatever the reason, listening is the key. During these days, take time to sit aside and pay attention to your feelings.

2) Analyze. Ok, you’re having a bad day. What exactly is annoying you the most? You need to be clear. Write down the “causes” of your bad feelings. Be meticulous and write them down one by one. This process will help you to start focussing on what’s really “wrong” in your life at the moment.

3) Slow down. Chances are you had a lot of planned activities for today. Well, try to postpone at least a part of them. Try to take longer breaks from your job or your activities and slow down. Breath in deeply, meditate, go for a walk, read something inspiring. Important: during these days, try to stay away from the computer as much as possible!

4) Break your routine. Bad days usually go worse if you keep doing the usual things. Try to surprise yourself and include a totally new activity in your day. Try to pick a very specific action: draw a portrait, fix the lights in the garden or bake a cake. The energies required to learn and rapidly improve in the “new activity” are likely to take you away from the bad mood you were experiencing.

5) Laugh. You have to “force” yourself to laugh. This requires a very strong sense of self discipline, but at the same time it conveys a very powerful image of yourself. If you’re able to stay positive on bad days, you’re gonna feel wonderful all the rest of the year! Things are going worse and worse? Try to smile. In the end, it’s just a “bad day”. Chances are, tomorrow you’ll feel better anyway. So even if you don’t feel like it, watch a comedy, tell a joke to a friend, play a board game. Try to make the others laugh, and your mood will improve as a consequence.

6) Plan something new. If something inside you is making you feel bad, then maybe it’s time for a new plan. Pick a long-term plan, a great goal, something you thought about before but didn’t really commit to realize. That’s the way to go! When you’re having a bad day, you feel your energy level is low, but often is much more a matter of purpose and direction. Your energies are there…Start focusing clearly on your dreams and you’ll see them boosting again.

7) Sleep on it! If you feel you’re having a bad day, you’ll definitely benefit from resting more. Have a nap, go to bed earlier, find a way to get some extra sleep. Sleep is a powerful tool to realign us with our inner life. Often things look better after a good night of sleep. Enough said…Enjoy your nap!


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